There are various ways of activating IVONA products:

  1. Through IVONA ControlCenter

  2. Go to Start Menu/All programs/IVONA/IVONA ControlCenter and click on IVONA Products Activation. Activation menu will open. Press Tab once and the cursor will be placed in the first field in which activation key should be entered. The activation key can be either typed or pasted. Now press Tab a few times to go to Next and press Enter.
    Accepting the activation key is confirmed by an announcement on a screen. Press Enter to close confirmation. Now using Tab you can choose between Activations and Close to activate another product or to finish activation respectively.

  3. Throug User Promoted Notification Area
  4. Go to User Promoted Notification Area (system trayIVONA icon. Select Activations.
    In order to go to User Promoted Notification Area with use of keyboard, press Windows key (alternatively you may use Ctrl+Esc) then press Esc and then Tab twice. Now you can use either arrows or i character to go to IVONA icon. Press Shift+F10 to open context menu.

  5. Through IVONA Reader
  6. In IVONA Reader press Alt+h to open Help and select Activation