IVONA 2 and IVONA Reader are two separate applications. IVONA 2 is a speech synthesizer, i.e. a voice for a computer. In our online store at www.ivona.com/shop you can find many voices for different languages. Depending on your needs and preferences you can buy just one or more.
Together with the voice you get a free reading application called MiniReader. MiniReader allows you to read a text selected on a computer screen.

IVONA Reader is a separate application aimed at reading texts, mainly books and saving them into mp3, ogg or wav files. With IVONA Reader you can do both: listen to a book at home or convert it into audio format and save it in your mp3 player.

In order to use IVONA Reader a speech synthesizer is crucial, so the optimal buy is IVONA 2 voice or voices and IVONA Reader.

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird up from 12 version are not supported any more. Instead of it we developed a powerful tool replacing that functionality. It is IVONA MiniReader. It is a free application reading selected text, on which more informations and download link can be found under this address

Trial expiration announcement may refer to any IVONA product.
Please, make sure there are no other IVONA products installed on your computer, except the ones which were purchased. These may be for instance trial voices downloaded and tested earlier or voices downloaded accidentally.

In order to check what voices are installed on your computer, please go to:

Start menu/Control panel/Eas of access/Speech recognition/Text to speech (Windows 7 and Vista)
Start menu/Control panel/Speech (Windows XP)

and see what IVONA voices are shown on the list of voices.
If there are accidental IVONA voices on the list, you should uninstall all IVONA voices and then install only those you have purchased. This will solve the problem.

Another reason of the Trial or expiration announcement may be IVONA Reader. In our online store one can buy both: separate voices and packages which include the voices and IVONA Reader. It happens that customers install IVONA Reader as Trial and then they buy only voices. In this case IVONA Reader stops working after 30 days unless it is purchased. As well you can use free application IVONA MiniReader, it reads selected text. IVONA Reader however gives you much more possibilities.

IVONA Reader reads only text in a document. Graphical information is not read.
In case of problems with reading a document, make sure that it really contains text and not a scan of a printed page. You may encounter this from time to time in PDF files. Scan is a graphical information and cannot be read.

IVONA Reader does not read documents protected against opening. This kind of protection is often used by ebooks sellers.

Mar 082013

How can I get an invoice?

If you are buying for a company it is enough to check an appropriate option while placing an order.

If you haven’t checked the invoice field, please contact us via our online form.
Make sure that the message contains the following data:

  • order number,
  • company name,
  • VAT number,
  • I am/I am not EU VAT payer,
  • I would like get the invoice by email/paper mail.

Invoice can be issued no later than the end of the month after the payment!
Pro forma invoices are not issued!